Pioneer Day

We had the BEST pioneer day this year.  

We started out the day by heading over to This is the Place where we walked around looking at all the old pioneer houses, experiencing what school would have been like, rode horses and gathered candy from a candy cannon.  

Then we headed home for Max to nap while we made our own wheat bread complete with homeade butter and jam and a dutch oven peach cobbler.

We ended the night with a nice BBQ and some fireworks! 

I had so much fun reading all about my 20 ancestor relatives on family search the week of Pioneer Day.  They went through SO much trial to get to Zion and follow the Prophet.  I am so grateful for all they did so that we could live here and so that I could reap all the beautiful benefits of this gospel in my life.  

Fourth of July 2018

We had such a wonderful Fourth of July this year.  I was so excited to finally be able to spend this holiday in Utah again! Unfortunately, Jordan had to work for most of the day, but we still had fun.  

We woke up early and headed to the city parade with a few cousins.  We had a blast gathering up some candy and watching the parade.

That evening we headed down to Utah County to spend some time with my family and go to a neighborhood party.  It was quite the "neighborhood party" complete with food trucks with free food, candy, and so so much more.  

Then we headed back up home for some fireworks.