Our Favorite Reads 1

These kiddos and I LOVE to spend our time reading, especially children's books.  There is something so refreshing about the escape into a simple life as a child in a world filled with fireflies, sticks as swords and blankets as capes. So I was thinking it would be fun to do a monthly book club book on the blog... One children's book that we love and got for the month and then one I am reading on my own.  I figured it might be fun to start it out by sharing with you a few tips to getting a good deal on books and also share some that are already favorites of ours.  :)

At the beginning of each month and for the remainder of the month I will have those books on the side bar of the blog.  I would LOVE for you to join us in reading them.

Of course we like to go to the library too- but I have a major procrastination problem and my library fines become outrageous.  That on-top of consoling sad children that have to take books back that they had fallen in love with has made me a bit more keen to just buying them for a great deal!


1. Thrift!  Often times I will leave the thrift store with just one book and other times I will leave with stacks of really great finds.  Just depends on the day and sometimes the specific store.  Check on google to find the closest thrift stores near you!

2. Amazon!  On amazon under the price they offer, you will see in smaller blue print options to buy from that are used and even new.  Click on the used option and you can buy from thrift stores via amazon.  I usually do this if there is a specific book I am wanting to buy.  Choose the quality you want and then make sure it is a good deal (adding price of book with shipping) and then get it!!! Occasionally (if it is a newer book) the prime offer is just as good but I can usually find a good deal and escape with a book for 2-4$. 

OUR FAVORITE CHILDREN'S BOOKS (or a very small portion of our favorites):

1. Bunny Roo I Love You (here)

2. Heckedy Peg (here)

3. Enemy Pie (here)

4. The Little House Series (here)

5. Poems to read to the Very Young (here)

6. Winnie the Pooh (here)

7. Sparky (here)

8. The Invisible String (here)

9. The Big Book of Bugs (here)

10. Classic Little Golden Books (here)

And our NEW book for the month of July we just bought today will be.... 

Chrysanthemum (here).  And it is only $4.99 right now.  

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.  Go read!!!! :) xoxoxo