Last Disney Days

Our last few weeks in Orlando were spent packing and soaking up Disney.  I am starting to miss Disney terribly on the days that I am bored or need a pick me up.  

This place was so full of magic for us for four whole years.  The smells, the rides, the food... I couldn't have asked for a better place to have gone for residency. 

We will be back, Walt.


My Birthday was wonderful this year!  Jordan has been going above and beyond the past couple of years for me after I told him that I don't particularly like my birthday... That is something I DO NOT LIKE TO ADMIT! because I try to be so positive about things and life... But if I am being honest, this is one thing I have a hard time changing my attitude about.  I do have to say though that I am starting to switch back to 11 year old Hailey and have begun to like birthdays again...kind of... but that is all thanks to Jordan.

I woke up and he was doing what he did last year... making crepes and a chocolate angel food cake.  Of course, that made me smile. Then we spent the afternoon at Magic Kingdom and that made me smile, too.  Then we ended the night with cake, presents, and chit-chatting with some friends that came over.  

I am grateful to have grown another year and to have been able to do it with these people by my side.