Lunch with Daddio

This afternoon we headed to the med school to pick up some school apparel and eat lunch with Jordan.  We got some yummy food from the food trucks and enjoyed a little picnic on the grass together... Thankfully the COM has nice grass and not yucky, thick Florida grass.  Whenever I feel a need to lay down on some grass, I immediately think, "I need to go to the med school!" haha

I sat across from him eating and told him how much I am going to miss him when he leaves again.  BUT I am really excited for him to have a rotation in Pennsylvania because we would LOVE to end up there for residency.  I am hoping to head out there for a week while he is there so we can explore darling Hershey.  Light posts with Hershey kisses on top and Amish markets?  YES, PLEASE!  

I am going to reallllllly miss visiting him at the med-school once we leave.  I look back on the time we have had here and can't help but think, "Why did I not go there more often to meet him for lunch?  Why did I not take more advantage of that?"  I sure am glad I am having these feelings before we leave so that I can be sure to squeeze out every last ounce of wonderful Florida and soak it up with my heart before we leave so that I can have those wonderful memories with me instead of all regrets.