ice cream night

 Every Saturday we eat pizza together as a family.  Most weeks we make it at home but sometimes we go out and buy some.  We decided to get ice cream first (because dessert before dinner is sometimes just a must!).  After walking around enjoying our ice cream and getting reallllllly sticky, we finally headed for some delicious pizza at a pizza shop we had walked past earlier.  As we turned the corner to walk in the open doors, a bunch of people stopped us saying it was closed.  Just as I went to ask why I saw a giant flood coming in through the ceiling to the shop.  We BARELY missed our chance to get pizza but since its tradition, we hoped in the car and drove to get pizza from our good ol' back-up, Little Caesars.  

While we didn't get that pizza from the shop that makes me drool every time I walk past it, we still had such a fun time together eating what Mabey's eat best, Ice cream.  I eat it when I'm happy, I eat it when I am stressed, I eat it at every nap time and sometimes night time too.