Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving came at such a perfect time for me this year.

I was stuck feeling all sorts of ungrateful and it forced me to start thinking about the many blessings I have... And when frustrated that I was feeling a strange paradox of gratitude and ingratitude I finally began to realize that when trying my hardest to just focus on the good, the negative thoughts get pushed away.  And the more I thought positively and forced that negative out of my mind, the more and more blessings I began to recognize and I ended the week feeling full of gratitude.  (Except for the few hours at church where I kept seeing pregnant ladies and babies...That was tough to fight through with gratitude and a positive attitude!)

One quote I read leading up to Thanksgiving specifically jumped out at me and felt so right. 

"Gratitude isn't a way to ignore problems or a quick fix for deep sorrow.  Gratitude comes from actively remembering God and His goodness.  It's having eyes to see how He has worked in my life.  It doesn't come in the absence of pain; rather, pain can bring my need for the savior into focus, and gratitude flows from remembering His grace and mercy to me in my hour of need." (I think it was in the Ensign written by a girl named Ariel)

While trials were raining down upon me, I was still able to be filled with gratitude as I remembered God and His plan for me and my family... For Christ and the atonement, the power of prayer and remembering His goodness.

This was our first Thanksgiving in a few years staying here in Florida.  Usually its really tough to not be where the weather is fall weather for Thanksgiving, but it was cloudy...and waking up to clouds made me smile.  I was so grateful it wasn't sunny and hot! 

Jordan made a delish Turkey and we enjoyed a fun evening with our friends. 

What a fabulous Holiday to kick off the Christmas season.