Pennsylvania, Pregnancy and Miscarriage

For the month of September, Jordan did an away rotation in Hershey, PA.  I desperately wanted to see this charming little town I have heard so much about so for his last week there the kids and I hoped on a plane to visit Amish country. Pennsylvania was SO gorgeous!  

I was so excited when we arrived at the house Jord was staying at and they had a gorgeous garden and CHICKENS.  They even gave us fresh eggs whenever we desired... my kids ate that right up (both the food and the joy ;)). 

A few weeks before our visit to PA I had gone back and forth to the hospital with some heavy bleeding (I was around what i thought was 8 weeks pregnant).  The last time I went to the hospital (two weeks before visit), they told me that my pregnancy was not viable becuase my HCG levels were not rising and they had yet to see a heatbeat (All this happening while hurricane Irma hit and I was all alone in a hospital in Jacksonville completely devestated!)

. Fast-forward to the day before leaving for PA... I had a followup appointment with my Doctor to make sure my body was healing and had expelled the baby fully.  As soon as the nurse started the ultrasound she looked at me and said, "You are not going to believe this.. but there is a baby in there with a healthy heartbeat!"

Yep.  I was SHOCKED.  I was so excited to tell jordan but I wanted to surprise him in person so I had to sort of beat around the bush on the phone when I talked to him about the appointment.  

So when we arrived to the house I had him sit down with the kids and gave him a present of the positive pregnancy test he saw a month before and included the new ultrasound.  He was shocked and Myra was BEYOND thrilled  and yelled, "thank you, Jesus, thankyou SO much!" 

We basked in the joy and I smiled walking around town with that pregnancy glow walking through farmers markets.  But then.... the morning sickness hit.  And it hit hard.  After the first two days, I spent the remainder of the trip glued to the couch and toilet.  All of our plans out the window! 

We did get to have our traditional first day of fall doughnuts (usually scones, but when you're traveling you let things slide a bit haha).  

We also got to go to the Hershey factory and even got to create our own Chocolate bars.

This is a trip I will never forget.

That sweet babe in my tummy ended up passing away a month later, so the time I had with him will always have a special place in my heart along with the memories I made while he was there.... even though the majority of that time I was beyond ill! 

Bye, Bye, Daddy


Saturday was our last day with Jordan before he left for his rotation in Pennsylvania.  Myra had been begging to go on the Nemo ride for a while so we decided to head to Epcot for the morning.  We rode on some of the rides and enjoyed a delicious breakfast in Paris.  I generally try to avoid the parks in the summer the best that I can because they are SO HOT... but it was PERFECT weather on Saturday.... cloudy, overcast and oh so magical. 

haha that last picture kills me! Clearly, she thought she was far above taking a bite of Quiche that had part of the crust in the bite.  I thought I was a picky eater.... then I had kids and now I feel like I have the most mature pallet. hahaha.  It was a fabulous and perfect last day with him here. 

We are now missing Jordan while he is away but I am SO proud of how hard he is working.  Every day I am told how wonderful, beautiful and perfect PA is and that we HAVE to move there for residency, so clearly he is enjoying his time there.  The place that he is staying at has a lot of land and the owners have hens on the property so he gets fresh eggs each morning.  That alone has me convinced that I gotta get there ASAP!  We are hoping I can take the kids up there for his last week so he can show me around this cute town that he keeps beaming about and spend a day at the Hershey factory!  Seeing him before a whole month passes would be a big selling point for me too! ;)