Wheeler Farm

Monday morning we spent a few hours with my sister-in-law, Jenny's, kids at Wheeler Farm.  It is so beautiful there and makes me want to live on a farm so badly.  

The kids rode on the cow train, looked at all the animals, climbed a tree and played in an amazing little tree house.  There was a lot more to do that we never got around to, so i know we will be back.  I really want to go back and milk a cow :). 

Hike to Twin Lakes

The most beautiful hike with my favorite people.

While in Florida, Jordan and I attended a Saturday evening stake conference meeting where the speaker talked about using hiking to teach your children to learn perseverance.  I loved this idea and we have taken it to heart to try this with the kids!  On Saturday while hiking, we continually encouraged them on the hike and when the got super whiny and tired we continued to encourage them and try to teach them how to push through till the end.  We did help them a few times, but I was so proud of how much they were able to do. 

I hope I can instill in their hearts courage to keep going when life gets hard and to also always believe that they can do ANYTHING with hard work.