Last Disney Days

Our last few weeks in Orlando were spent packing and soaking up Disney.  I am starting to miss Disney terribly on the days that I am bored or need a pick me up.  

This place was so full of magic for us for four whole years.  The smells, the rides, the food... I couldn't have asked for a better place to have gone for residency. 

We will be back, Walt.

Max turns 2

My baby is 2!!!!

Jordan and I sat up late the night before Maxwell's birthday watching videos we took while I was in labor (after I had the epidural).  In the video, we talked about the day and how labor came on and how excited we were to meet him.  I mean, I did run up and down hospital stairs for two hours while experiencing labor pains because I was so desperate to meet this boy and get things going faster!  

I get sad sometimes looking at pictures or watching videos of my kids when they were babies because it means time is slipping by so fast and before I know it, they will belong to someone else.  It also means that every age and stage with them is but a small moment.  BUT how wonderful is it for me to have people and moments I love so much?  And I do have to say, the age and stage he is in right now is SO FLIPPIN ADORABLE! Gosh, I love him.

The morning of his birthday we opened presents and played for a while.  We then headed to Disney, his favorite.  One of Max's very first words was "ickey ouse" (yes, without the M's) and since then has been obsessed with him and Donald. It's so fun while we are there to hear him shout "ickey ouse" with enthusiasm and a smile whenever he sees even just a picture of mickey in the park.

After riding on some rides we let him pick out a toy... and of course, he chose a stuffed Donald.  

I wrote this letter to my boy that day on Instagram but wanted to include it here as well:


I was so excited when we found out we were having a boy... when we found out we were having YOU!  And you epitomize everything I was excited about when it comes to boys.  You always end up snuggling us in bed every morning and I love holding you, kissing your squishy cheeks, and running my fingers through your blonde bed head.  Right now you love Trolls, tigers, puppies, always have a car in each hand, and ask for "chocate mik) every hour of every day.  You're the absolute kindest child I have ever been around ("please" and "thank you" might be your favorite words), are crazy ticklish, and can always be found toddling behind your sister.  I love you so crazy much.  Happy birthday, Waxy Maxy.

Love, Mom"