A Bummer Weekend

We got the kids down early Friday night to rest before our adventure to Disney today.   I really wanted Myra to rest some because she had been dealing with a bit of a cold- nothing too serious. But then midnight rolled around... And wheezing came... And scary breathing came.

”This isn’t good. This isn’t normal”.  The Holy Ghost said it to me loud and clear.   

But then I said, “She’ll be ok. And went to bed.” 

I awoke at 2 am to Myra shrieking the best she could and ran to her room.  She was breathing rapidly, sweating, crying, hot, and had a crackly wheeze.  

He spoke to me again, “This is not good.  This is not right.”  

I nodded my head.  “You are darn right!” 

I scooped her up into my arms and frantically woke up Jordan... I handed her over and made him take her to the hospital.  

As soon as they got to the hospital her breathing got worse and she started having retractions.  Her oxygen levels were low and heart rate high so they admitted her and almost 24 hours later... we are still here and she is tangled up in cords. 


BUT is doing a lot better now.   Thank heavens for medicine, Doctors, promptings from the spirit, and husbands that listen to their crazy, lunatic wives at two in the morning. 

As I sit here next to her hospital bed trying to care for her I have often reflected back to my own childhood.  So many things I say and do to her instantly take me back and remind me of moments just like that with MY mommy.  Moments she took care of me.  Moments she sat by my side running her fingers through my hair and kissing my forehead.  Moments that although I felt sick and scared, I also felt safe because of her touch. 

Its been a bummer weekend with sleepless nights, tears, anxiety and a basket full of bribery to get her to keep her oxygen mask on... but we are doing it and it’s making me feel all the feels and cry not only tears of exhaustion but also tears of gratitude.  Gratitude to be a mom.  Gratitude to be that person for her that my mom was for me for so many years and that through example she taught me how to be that mom that doesn’t make a sick child feel like a burden but instead, like gold.   

This girl is somethin else! She is desperate to get home so she can “Pee in Florida (in her mind our home is Florida... no where else!”) and to see Max.  I think she has whined about missing him just as much as she has whined about the dang IV.  And I think it’s simply, adorable.  Those two are inseparable.... well, most of the time. ;)

 ”Of all the joys of life, none other equals that of happy parenthood.  Of all the responsibilities with which we struggle, none other is so serious.  To rear children in an atmosphere of love, security, and faith is the most rewarding of all challenges.  The good result from such efforts becomes life’s most satisfying compensation.” -Patricia P. Pinegar, Caring for the Souls of Children