Christmas in Utah

My goodness!!! We have been having such a wonderful Christmas season in Utah this year.

We went to MANY concerts and movies.  Had matching jammies...

Visited Santa and then dropped off a letter.

Caught snow on our tongues. 

Spent time with family.

Saw the temple lights.

Opened presents.

Played games on games on games. Ate SO much delicious food and chocolate. Went to the BYU vs. Utah basketball game. Sat in the hot tub. Made a gingerbread house. Made cinnamon rolls. and SOOOO much more. 

Grateful for a season to celebrate and think about Christ.  I shared on Instagram a lot of my thoughts and feelings about not just Christ, but Mary as well.  After losing Jack this year I have thought a lot about Mary and her sacrifice for us- losing a son.  It makes me get all choked up thinking about it. 

What a perfect end to a roller coaster of a year! I love my people so dang much.