Mabey Babies Weekly: 4


  • While eating breakfast the other morning Myra asked, "Do we live in Zarahemla?"  haha at least she is getting a knowledge of cities from our scripture studies.
  • After a few big gulps of sprite "Mommy, sprite makes me burp!"
  • She started dance this past week!  She was dressed in pink tights and a pink leotard and she exclaimed, "MOM! I am just like a pink flamingo!"
  • She loved dance so much that she got very mad at me when we were driving home because she wanted to, "GO BACK!" 
  • She has been SO good at apologizing lately.  Anytime I get a little frustrated about something she will say with the sweetest sincerity, "I am SO sorry, momma. I really am sorry!"


  • Getting more and more strong-willed every day.
  • Still pulling everything out of the fridge and always yelling and asking for "GO GURRRRT"
  • Is obsessed with babies and everytime he sees a picture of a baby he yells with so much happiness, "BEBEEEEE".
  • Cries when we leave sissy at school... That kid sure loves her. 
  • Started going to nursery at church!  He does cry when I leave but recovers quickly.  I am so proud of him.