Eclipse shadows

Today was such an amazing and beautiful experience!  

I have small little snippets of memories from my childhood when I was Myra's age... The moments that really made me feel something just a little bit deeper than you normally feel as a child.  You know the ones?

Like when I first saw rainbows across the white walls in my staircase while walking down the stairs as the sun was setting and creating a prism through the window.  Or driving home from swim practice in my mom's old hippie van with Alanis Morissette turned up as I watched my little dog with his head sticking out the window... his eyes closed, and hair blowing in the wind.  In that moment I felt in my heart what someone else (or in this case, animal haha) was feeling just by the look on his face.  Freedom, joy..... those "this is the life" feelings.  Or standing in our laundry room on top of my mom's folding table on my tippy toes, peeking out the window trying to see the last few moments of the Stadium of Fire fireworks.  I have a lot of these memories that are more like little pictures in my memory.  It doesn't matter that I was just a young toddler- I felt something great enough inside of me that it made an impression.

I don't know if this experience for Myra got her to the core enough for her to remember it, but I sure hope she does.  While we were not in a location where it got completely dark, it was still an experience that shook me to my core.  An experience that made me think, "God is good".  And I know that the picture of her with crescents spread across her face, is a picture I will always remember that is filed in my memory in the same folder as those rainbows on the wall, the wind through my hair vicariously through my pup, and the fireworks through the window with the smell of laundry in the air.  

Perhaps this is a big reason why I fell so hard for photography... being able to permanently capture those special memories in a way that makes the moment look just the way you's priceless... When that shutter clicks and I know I got the "one" that makes me feel- it just makes the memory that much more exciting for me.