Missing Daddy

Jordan has officially been gone a week tomorrow for his away rotation in Massachusetts.  We are missing him so much and what's killing me the most is to see how much it has affected Myra.  She has been so emotional the past few days and while she can talk, I think she has a difficult time being able to explain her emotions and what she is feeling and why... heck, I'm 26 and I have a hard time doing that.  

But ya know?  I feel so blessed that she does care and loves him so deeply.  I adore how much she loves him!  A big reason why I wanted to marry him was because I knew his kids would be his best friends. 

We get to FaceTime call with him multiple times a day and everytime Jordan's face appears on the screen, Max's face lights up and he just gives him the biggest smile while slamming his face against the phone, mouth wide open for a nice slobbery kiss.  While max is VERY affectionate and is always drowning me in hugs and snuggles, he RARELY gives kisses... so I think that makes Jordan feel extra special.

One week down.... many more to go.

We can do hard things! 

Max's binki clip is from hatchlingco.com.