Mabey Babies Weekly: 1

These two have grown up SO much this past month while Jordan has been away.  Max started to say so many new words, throws his garbage away, pulls things out of the fridge and brings them to me when he wants them (usually the gallon milk jug or yogurt), and is becoming insanely attached to his stuffed puppy (which I find completely adorable!).  

Myra no longer has her binkies which means she also no longer naps, her vocabulary increases everyday and says things you wouldn't expect from a three year old that just makes you laugh hysterically, is very curious, when asked what she wants to be when she grows up she replies with, "a mommy" and it makes me beam with happiness, and she spends most of her time drawing the cutest pictures of what she calls, "our happy famiyee (family)."

Myraisms for the week:

1. After turning on new princess music for her in the car she excitedly said to me, "Oh mommy, is this for me?  Im possessed with it!"


"Im possessed with it!!!!"

"hahahaha you mean, obsessed??"

"Yeah!!! possessed!"

2. While my mom was putting her down for the night she started saying every one was a sweetie pie... "Daddy is a sweetie pie, you're a sweetie pie, papa is a sweetie pie and mommy is a human sacrifice!"

yep... I'm a human sacrifice.  

3. While driving in the car she started whining for her binkies..

"I want my binkies!!!"

"Hunny, binkies are for babies and you are a big girl now!"

"I want to grow yittier (littler)!"

I am sad that I don't have more of their milestones and isms written down so I am hoping that doing these weekly will help me to have their lives better recorded!  Someday when I am old and gray I will look back, reading through these and have tears in my eyes... tears because I will miss this time in my life so deeply but also tears because of my gratitude for getting to experience it.  I feel so blessed that Heavenly Father put these two spirits under my care.