Pioneer Day

We had such a fun Pioneer day on Monday.  For family home evening we made our own butter with heavy cream, chatted about what pioneers are, and sang pioneer songs.  I loved seeing the excitement and joy in Myra's eyes as that cream turned into butter after a few minutes of shaking!  There is just something magical and special about the way things were done way back when.

I am so grateful for my ancestors that made a lot of hard sacrifices to make a journey across the country so that we could live our religion.  I often think about them and wonder if they are watching me from heaven.  And if they are, am I living a way that would make them proud, smile and say, "I am grateful I made those sacrifices for this girl.. she has taken what we gave her and has made the most of it in her life!"?  Because, by golly I LOVE MY RELIGION.  It is everything to me.  And I wouldn't have been raised in the gospel without those sweet ancestors of mine.  I am so glad we have a day that recognizes them and that I have a good excuse to make homemade butter. ;)