Myra and her Tricycle

My girl can officially ride her tricycle!  We are so excited over here about it and are taking lots of bike rides everyday now.  

I found this bike for an amazing deal at a thrift store when Myra was Maxwells age and kept it on our little porch until she was big enough for it.  She has been old enough to ride it for a while but unfortunately her legs were not quite long enough until just this week.  When we took it out and she started pedaling and steering it on her own we cheered and laughed!  

It's interesting how such a small accomplishment can bring so much joy and excitement... But that is what I live for.  I live for the joy I see in my children's eyes when they accomplish something they have been working so hard for.  I live to see them believe in themselves and share in the experience of going from, "I can't do this", to "I think I can, I think I can" and then all the way to " I DID IT!!!!". 

I think that's probably how Heavenly Father feels too.  I know that far too often I am praying and asking for trials to just go away or for something I want to just happen!  BUT I see and recognize that when something takes longer to accomplish or get through/when a lot of hard work goes into something, the reward is that much sweeter.  Those days I push through and feel the excitement that Myra felt with her tricycle are days I feel so close to the spirit.  Days I know He is smiling down at me saying, "You did it!"