Cocoa Beach

Our friends invited us out to the beach this past weekend so we packed up our things and headed out to the shore.  It was a perfect day!  Myra spent most of the time collecting shells and I marveled at her patience, dedication and focus as she picked up tiny little broken pieces of shell, one after the other for hours.  We played in the water, dug for little sand crabs, and then ended the day with ice cream.  

Days at the beach are much different than they were before we were married.  We don't lay out in the sun or swim far out swimming with the waves, but in its own way...its better.  Watching your kids smile and run around throwing their heads back laughing and breathing in the beach air brings a certain happiness that was never felt before they joined the mix .  These kids love the beach and Myra was very sad to leave.  I know I will be finding sand in little crevices for months and each time I do, I will smile at the memories we made.