summer popsicles

It is really starting to get hot and humid here in Florida... like I open the door and my curled hair goes flat and my clothes instantly start sticking to my body.  It is quite dreadful, to be honest..But some things become so much more wonderful when it is that hot and your gratitude for those things goes through the roof.  

One of those things is, popsicles (at least for the kids... I prefer ice cream) so we have been whipping out the popsicles whenever we go outside to sit on our "porch".   I don't think there is a thing in the world that makes these two happier than popsicles.  They were all smiles, giggles, and cuddles while eating these. 

Because of the insane heat here during the summer I usually become even more of a homebody to avoid it but since I am trying to really live up our last year here I am on the search for fun things to do that are either in-doors or involves water... Maybe we will just live at our pool and sit on our porch eating popsicles?  haha That would be a step up from last year but we shall see if I can get more creative than that!