This is the Place

A couple weeks ago we got to spend a few days in Utah with our families.  It was so good to hug them and spend time with them all.  Being home was so good for my soul... not only to see those I love and miss dearly but also to be near the mountains and be surrounded by the culture that I miss so much it makes my heart ache when I think about it.

One day we were walking to the park with my parents and a lady was speed walking past us exercising and I could hear that she was listening to the scriptures while on her walk and it made me smile and feel an instant connection with her.

Towards the end of our trip we got to take a few hours and go see This is the Place park where they have many pioneer homes and buildings from the early days of the church.  They also have a petting zoo, horses to ride, a river to look for "gold" and so much more.  Myra was having the time of her life and I kept thinking to myself, "I was born in the wrong time period!  I can just picture myself wearing bonnets and frolicking through the grass with the kids."  My imagination gets the better half of me sometimes and goes wild thinking of the fun I would have had back then... but then I remember they didn't have air conditioning and I am immediately put in my place.  They of course didn't have the challenges that we have today, but they surely had many that we don't have as well.  

I am so grateful for Utah.  For my family, the mountains, the colors, the beauty and the church.  I was always grateful for these things.... but living away has made that gratitude stronger than ever.