Jetty Park Beach

Just after Jordan finished his Surgery rotation we decided to take a little day trip to the beach to relax and enjoy some much needed family time together.  I found a new place that we hadn't been to yet and I loved it!  

After hours in the sun and sand we headed out, but not before stopping for some pizza.  We have pizza every Saturday night together as a family and if we don't have time or are out and about then we will find a new pizza joint we haven't been to yet to try.  Jordan was able to find one in this small little town and it was so incredible.  

Surgery rotation was long and exhausting so finally finishing and then getting a whole day with Jordan made me feel like my toes finally reached the sand of a beach after treading water for hours- exhausted but grateful to be where I am and finally feeling like I can breath and relax.  So being at the beach was quite fitting.