exploring florida

I slowly pulled in as Myra asked for the fiftieth time, "Where we goin'?" and suddenly we were swallowed up by hundreds of trees.  I was so taken back by all the beauty that I literally had to stop my car as my eyes wandered, taking it all in. 

We got out of the car and Myra dashed for the rose garden first.  She ran her hands along the many pink roses and then bent over to take in the sweet scent as she closed her eyes and took a big breath.  She looked up at me, cocking her head to the side and said, "Its soooooo pwetty".  

Time seemed to slip by quickly as Max's nap came and went with out me noticing.  He didn't seem to notice the lack of sleep either as he ran around in the grass squealing and gut chuckling. We splashed in puddles and danced near the estate house pretending we were brides.  It was a special morning for me as a mother.. You know those moments?  The ones where it just seems to file away automatically into a place in your back pocket that will never vanish?  Yeah.  It was just like that.  

When we first moved here I was so sad that we came all the way to the south and yet it didn't feel very southern.  I found over time that there were little pockets of the southern charm all through out orlando, you just had to look.   The sad thing is, now that we have found all those great pockets we now have to move in a year...just when it has finally begun to feel like home.

I know I will have many mixed emotions when it comes.  Sad to leave this beauty, disney, and all of our sweet friends (we have the best church ward!) but also a certain degree of excitement that comes with a fresh start and discovering all the things with in that new place that make your heart sing.  

Jordan will be doing an away rotation in July at Bay State in Massachusetts... So of course we have both been scrolling through zillow in that area and DROOLING over the housing there.  I guarantee you there isn't a lack of charm there.  ;) 

I don't know where we will be a year from now.  But I do know that wherever it is, I will love it.  Because if you look hard enough and for long enough with optimistic eyes, you can find happiness and beauty surrounding you.  Just like we have here in Florida.