Halloween 2017

A few weeks before Halloween, Jordan had been reading Peter Pan to Myra at night.  One night she declared that she was going to be tinker bell for Halloween!  And right then and there our family costumes for the year were decided upon.  

Halloween night was a fun change of pace after a tough week dealing with the miscarriage.  It is one of my favorite holidays and celebrating it helped begin to pull me out of my funk.

That morning we got to go watch Myra in her costume parade at school.  And believe it or not, I have been waiting and SO excited since Jr. high to go to my own child's costume parade.  I know.. I'm pathetic.  And a sap for kids and holidays.  That is one thing that got me through a lot of tough moments growing up... Just picturing my future family and celebrating the holidays with them.  It gave me hope and happiness for the future of my life. 

That evening we had our traditional Halloween soup with friends and then headed out trick-or-treating.  The kids had SO much fun and Max was so obssessed with his bucket of candy that he screamed at me for a long while after I took his bucket away so he could take a bath... even with the large piece of chocolate I had stuffed in his mouth to soften the blow.  It definitely didn't soften the blow. haha

After the kiddos went down we enjoyed the traditional watching of Hocus Pocus! (A tradition of my own since I was very young).