Bench family: Epcot

They ate their French bakery treats, laughing and dancing together and I couldn't help but have to keep taking deep breaths.... Deep breaths because I was so overwhelmed with gratitude to get to be in such a magical place, capturing those priceless moments families experience while at Disney.  I love this art of picture taking and how it captures moments in time that otherwise may easily slip away from our memories with time.  Moments that we experience with family and friends that make us feel so much love for each other... those beautiful experiences that keep us going in life. Sometimes all it takes to whip us out of a funk is to look at a picture of the past and all our feelings from that day come flooding back and suddenly we are left with just filling gratitude and happiness

Mattox Newborn

I walked into their apartment and was immediately swallowed up into a newborn drunkeness.  This sweet boy has brought such a caring love into their home and it was so tender to witness.  Those first few weeks of a newborn feel so sacred to me.  A precious soul, so fresh from heaven bringing an abundance of love with him... you can always feel that in the air.  

Reid Maternity

Surrounded by thousands of trees and mounds of Spanish moss, the four of us walked around basking in our surroundings and the loud sounds of cicada bugs.  While the location was beautiful, what really made me get teary eyed behind my lens during this session was the sweet love these three shared for each other.  Never have a shot a session that went so easily and smoothly.  Together they spent the small moment in time we had together thinking about and feeling the love and gratitude they have for each other and their family- something I direct families to do.  And they REALLY did that, and I think it comes across beautifully in their pictures.  


The evening light was streaming over the hills perfectly lighting a little meadow.  I watched these kids in awe as their imaginations were at work using sticks turned swords and climbing the trees around them.  It made me smile so deep inside as I reminisced on my own childhood growing up just minutes down this exact canyon.  Running barefoot through the foothills, building tree houses with a doll in hand.  

Childhood is magical and sometimes I get sad over the fact that it lasts but a small moment... but it happens non the less, and that is something worth more than gold.  

I am so grateful I was able to capture just a few moments of these kids using their magical imaginations.  

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