The evening light was streaming over the hills perfectly lighting a little meadow.  I watched these kids in awe as their imaginations were at work using sticks turned swords and climbing the trees around them.  It made me smile so deep inside as I reminisced on my own childhood growing up just minutes down this exact canyon.  Running barefoot through the foothills, building tree houses with a doll in hand.  

Childhood is magical and sometimes I get sad over the fact that it lasts but a small moment... but it happens non the less, and that is something worth more than gold.  

I am so grateful I was able to capture just a few moments of these kids using their magical imaginations.  

You can find this cute momma's photography work at jessiealexisphotography.com.


Before having chubby cheeks to kiss all day, I would often look at families and mothers and pick out things they did or how they were and would tell myself that someday that's what I would be like.  Sarah and her family were always like that for me, and still are.  

When we arrived and stepped out of the car to this location I was almost moved to tears.  The beauty of the mountains to my left and the view of the valley to my right in combination with this seemingly perfect family felt like a gift wrapped up and handed to me on a silver platter.  A family like this in the most perfect location is what my dreams are made of.  And that pink cast?  Talk about the cherry on top of adorableness...