Radcliffe Maternity

My life was about to change... I didn't know if I was to lose the baby or if he was just going to be very sick his whole life... but I loved him already and both aspects made me sick on top of all my morning sickness.  After a hard few days trying to wrap my head around the scary ultrasound I had, I did my hair, put on some pants and went out to shoot... because while my heart felt as though it had stopped, life still went on around me and I had to hold my head up and keep goin'.  And somehow in the goin', our hearts begin to mend and start beating again. 

I stood there hearing the river trickle next to me as the sunshine came streaming through the trees while I captured this beautiful family on the horizon of a beautiful new addition and it made me feel happy.  Life can be so very difficult at times but also so rewarding and breathtaking.  This world we are in is full of beauty and grace and we can find it everywhere, even during times of trouble and it can pull us up out of our grief and make us smile.  I promise it is there.  It will always be there.