There are few things to me more beautiful than an expectant mother.  With them they hold a certain amount of selflessness mixed with excitement of what is to come.  Stephanie exudes those two things always so it was a delight for me to spend some time with her family as we captured  them during this exciting time of life.  

"Mama, You were given these children-you.  No one else.  You were given these children because you are who they need.  You have the soul to love them even on their hard days.  You have the motivation and love to give these children everything they need.  You have the heart to wake up every morning and do it all over again, even when you are exhausted.  You have the smile that they crave and the touch to make everything okay.  You are their sunshine and their comfort.  You are theirs and they are yours mama.  On the days you are questioning yourself, remember this.  You've got this." - unknown