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Hello, friend! You can call me Hailey.  

I first fell in love with photography while experiencing the magic of the dark room in high school as I developed many black and white films and captured pictures with a pinhole in a can. I soon set it to the side for a moment as I worked on getting my BFA in Music Dance Theatre, my cosmetology license, and falling head-over-heels with the love of my life.

From the moment I gave birth to my first blondie I wished so deeply a photographer could follow me around and capture the special moments that seemed to happen daily… The slow dancing in the kitchen with no make-up on as my husband looked at me seeing past the tired eyes, the sidewalk chalk art contests with my three year old whose bum is covered in pink chalk dust, or my sons sun-kissed face covered in sand after a long day at the beach. I found that these seemingly simple things are what fill up the most room in our hearts, so I again picked up a camera and poured hours upon hours into learning the art of photography in order to capture these moments not only for my family but for you as well.

 I would adore to work with you so that together we can capture this moment in time and create heirlooms that tell a story and show your connection with those you love..